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Spanish Company Targets Spending $3.8 Billion in Markets in Mexico, Brazil
[10/19/01 1:12:34 PM]

Over the next five years, Iberdrola plans to invest some $3.8 billion to expand its operations in Mexico and Brazil.

The Spanish power company expects to spend some $2.36 billion to build a 5,000-MW gas-fired, combined-cycle power plant in Mexico.

Companies Join Forces for LNG Terminal on West Coast of Mexico
[10/22/01 1:47:46 PM]

A 300-acre site at Ensenada on the Pacific Coast of Baja California is where Sempra Energy and CMS Energy have announced plans to build an LNG receiving terminal.

The terminal is expected to be operational by 2005.

Bolivian, Norwegian LNG-Project Plans Move Forward
[10/22/01 1:53:06 PM]

Efforts to provide additional outlets for Bolivian natural gas are beginning to pay off.

In Mexico, government officials have approved a preliminary agreement that would allow groups in Bolivia to transport natural gas through LNG terminals in Mexico and then by pipeline to the United States.

Mirant Addresses Liquidity Problems for EDELNOR
[10/22/01 1:55:45 PM]

Empresa Electrica del Norte Grande S.A. (EDELNOR) was informed by its majority shareholder that, concurrent with its second quarter after-tax charge of $57 million, Mirant Corp. does not intend to make additional cash infusions into the company unless it can be assured that it will be repaid in the near term.

Mirant has agreed, however, to defer repayment of certain past due amounts of more than $2 million owed to it by EDELNOR as a way to mitigate EDELNOR’s on-going liquidity problems.

Companies Consider Pipeline Investments in Brazil
[10/22/01 1:58:46 PM]

Three different pipeline routes are being considered by Compagas to supply the northern region of the state, according to Business News Americas.

The company has targeted adding delivery service to 11 cities between Londrina and Maringa as well as a 480-MW power plant by the end of 2003.

BP Announces Gas Discovery in Trinidad, Drilling Results in Brazil
[5/25/01 10:41:46 AM]

BP Trinidad and Tobago added another one trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas to its proved reserves with the Cashima No. 1 well.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 13,160 feet in 263 feet of water.  Some 520 feet of gas-bearing sands in four formations were encountered by the well.

Shell Begins GTL Studies in Argentina and Australia
[5/25/01 10:46:52 AM]

Add another $3 billion to the total cost of gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants that Shell Gas & Power is studying worldwide.

With two further studies in Argentina and Australia for two 75,000-barrel-per-day facilities using the Shell Middle Distillate Synthesis process, the total cost of all the greenfield plants currently under study would total $9 billion.

Petroleum Industry Companies Develop Strategies for Global Gas Economy
[10/22/01 2:04:07 PM]
Mirant Announces Plans to Acquire 100 Percent of EcoElectrica
[10/22/01 2:06:48 PM]
Gas Reserves Remain Flat in Latin America
[10/22/01 2:08:22 PM]
Natural Gas Distribution LOI Signed by Governors
[10/22/01 2:09:37 PM]
CGE Will Invest $200 Million per Year
[10/22/01 2:11:52 PM]
S&P Lowers Argentina’s Rating to CCC+
[10/22/01 2:13:03 PM]
PDVSA to Spin Off Gas Subsidiary
[10/22/01 2:14:07 PM]
Sulgas Expands Porto Alegre Gas Distribution Network
[10/22/01 2:14:46 PM]
Energas Targets $2.15 Million for Investments in 2002
[10/22/01 2:15:54 PM]
$14 Million Contract Let for Camisea Project
[10/22/01 2:17:00 PM]
Colombia Prepares Offshore Licensing Round
[10/22/01 2:17:50 PM]
Cogeneration Projects to Use 11-Percent of Priority Gas
[10/22/01 2:18:57 PM]
MSGas to Spend $20 Million in 2001
[10/22/01 2:19:39 PM]
Repsol-YPF Starts Production from Quiriquire Block
[10/22/01 2:21:10 PM]
Final Public Meeting Held for Camisea EIS
[10/22/01 2:21:56 PM]
Province Considers Tax Breaks for GTL Project
[10/22/01 2:22:32 PM]
Venezuela Kicks Off Gas Licensing Tender Process
[5/25/01 11:00:30 AM]
Venezuela Adds Gas Development to Oil Licenses to Boost Output
[5/25/01 11:02:14 AM]
Companies Study Investing in Argentine Methanol, Power Projects
[5/25/01 11:03:55 AM]
Gas Reserves Continue to Rise, Bolivia Seeks Wider Markets
[5/25/01 11:05:37 AM]
Mexico Mulls Opening Gas Sector Exploration and Production
[5/25/01 11:06:51 AM]
Peruvian Gas Distribution Tender Attracts 12 Companies
[5/25/01 11:08:01 AM]
Petrobras Agrees to Buy Enron’s Interest in CEG
[5/25/01 11:09:21 AM]
Pemex Awards $5 Million Contract to Modernize Gas Processing Plant
[5/25/01 11:10:41 AM]
Fitch Gives Metrogas Notes BB- Foreign Currency Rating
[5/25/01 11:11:33 AM]
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[5/25/01 11:13:37 AM]
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